❤ To Heart

Sometimes we don’t see with our eyes, can’t hear with our ears. May be we just filter out what we don’t want to see.


Exterior 框外 (2016)


60 cm X 50 cm

Oil on Canvas 畫布油彩

This is a composition of sound.  Red, green, yellow and purple, putting four polarising loud colours together to attain a kind of balance.  And I try to make everything simple, simple flat tone for the figure, simple shapes for the vase and the vines, so as to amplify the clashes of the colours. This aims to show the sound to be heard which lies somewhere outside the boundary of this picture.


Snooping Inward 內窺 (2018)


60 cm X 50 cm

Oil on Canvas 畫布油彩

In my last exhibition, an audience signed as Yip said, “the uglier the vines you draw, the more conscious the people will be!”


So I work on a painting with ‘ugliness’ as the theme.  I find black difficult to match with other colours and usually leave it out from my palette.  But this time the colour black is employed for the dirty hair of the figure.  Using her hands as a telescope, is she snooping for beauty, or may be ugliness?


With a bit of serendipity, I have my paintings displayed in Green Meow! The stylish restaurant, this place of creativity, all these inspire me to move forward. And thanks again, Trevor!

一個陳設如家溫暖的餐廳,創意活潑的地方。能把畫作掛於Green Meow,都是承蒙了無限眷顧。再一次多謝Trevor!



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