Sketches of the Times

The world you live, the mind you hide.  Pictures depicting the socio-political atmosphere of the times, emotions of the insignificant, were displayed in my first Vines Series exhibition:  ‘Sketches of the Times’, from 12 January to 23 February 2019.  This solo consists of the paintings I produced in the past three years in my after hours.  I dealt with these talks-of-the-town as a reporter in day-to-day assignments and I retrospected them at the tips of my brushes when I left my news room.  This exhibition means so much to me as it puts a full stop to my career as a political reporter as well as kicks off my life as an artist.



‘The Well’ and ‘Fragments’ drew most of the attentions. To my surprise, quite a number of people with design background came to my show and said they were attracted by the colorful style of this series.



In addition to exhibiting paintings, I held a workshop inviting participants to paint on the same canvas under the theme of ‘dreams and history’. The key concept of this painting game is to ask participants to paint on top of the pictures of the precedents. Layers of paintings produced put the dreams of the previous participants to the bottom layers. Very interesting points were raised, like: could we paint our dreams in a relay?  If I cover all the old paintings with white and start over again, would I achieve equality?



Let’s hear what they have said in the video.




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