With a merit grant, I attended the November session of the Vermont Studio Center residency programme in 2019. It is the largest artist in residency programme in the States and mostly ranked among the top 10 in the globe. As the third least populated state in America, Vermont literally means ‘green mountains’. This quiet town was splendid with the autumn leaves and elegant with the first snow. Locals said, this November was as cold as January.


Some 10 writers, 50 artists, smiling faces, and the casual but inspiring talks over meals. The diverse talents I have met and the seriousness shown through the works, all these left me with a deep remark: no matter what you do, push it to the limit! In arts, there is no place for middle-of-the road, but authenticity. This is something I will keep for the rest of my life.


November 2018, El Bruc in Spain. My first residency programme was in Can Serrat which located at a simple town at the foothill of Mont Serrat. As plain as water, a retreat from city life also helped preparing myself for the brand new start for my second career as an artist.


The roundelay began with my poem which was inspired by Hashir’s piano. Short film inspired by fiction, one after another, 11 of us played this game for fun and creation.



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