It is delightful to do things in an unplanned manner – the way I seldom do.  While I was burying myself in painting for months, ‘Inward Outward’ was a gift from my friends, namely Vicky and Trevor.


Just finished in June, ‘Tao Tie’ was my protagonist in the show.  In the picture, I employ the ancient Chinese motif which symbolizes imperial power in old bronze vessels, as old as in the Shang Dynasty.  I put the ‘legendary beast’ in a glamorous jungle of vines, and the slander plant is a metaphor for huge political power.  Underneath I draw several figures in postures of struggle, of despair and confusion whereas some are running towards the vines jungle.  I aim at depicting the human subjectivity and anxiety of the averaged people under immense socio-political pressure.


It’s a beautiful coincidence to hold this joint exhibition with talented Indian painter Shweta Rastogi.  It has been a joke between us that she was the ‘inward’ and I was the ‘outward’.  But there will not be any inward contemplation if we are not living in a world out there.  And if there exists no inner self, the outer world would not be perceivable too.  The two cannot stand without each other.

能與印度畫家Shweta Rastogi合辦二人展,繫於一份美妙的緣力。我們常常開玩笑說,「內窺」的是她,而「外觀」的是我。不過,假使我們並非依存於外在世界,也就並不存在所謂的內觀;同樣,設若沒有內心,我們也無法觀察、理解外物。其實兩者缺不了對方。


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