A Taste of Art

The idea of organising a book club was raised among Alice, Fai Zai and I nearly ten years ago.  We dedicate the Sands Book Club to fiction reading and meet every other month, each time for one selected fiction.  Mostly on Saturday nights, each of us bringing one dish, club members share the food as well as our ideas.


It’s demanding to spend nights to finish a full-length novel and a bit old-fashioned to gather together for a group discussion; but we love it. Reports are published on internet too.


All over these years, Suzanne, Lap Tak, Looy, Sandra, Mary and Vicky actively support us.  Other names that need to be mentioned include Fan Fan, Chin Chin, Emma, Dawn, Hilda, Lik-lik, Sabina, Siu Lai, Chris, Ah Him, Victor and Po-wai.  By changing the books we read, everything changes.  Some members have become mothers and get occupied by their babies, while other becomes volunteer worker in Africa.



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