My Story

My life, like many people of Hong Kong born before 1997, can be segmented into two periods: the Colonial rule and the Chinese sovereignty.  I am drawn to the conflicting lives of the average person throughout the eras.


As a reporter, I have chances to be in touch with people from all walks of life, particularly political leaders. This has inspired me to write about them, to paint about politics.  Putting art and politics together seems to be interesting.  My artworks are all about reminiscing this critical period of history while upholding human dignity.


I liked to paint when I was young, so young that I couldn’t remember exactly when.  Stirring different paints together and seeing a new colour emerge, these moments bring me so much fun.  It is this primitive joy that leads me to quit my job as Executive Producer of television news and devote myself to art.


I’m engaged in writing fictions too.  Narrative structure and point of view are my prime concerns.  At the intersection between real and imaginary worlds, I explore new narrative strategies. Experimenting with different narrative techniques has given me great delight, enabling me to uncover different layers of emotions, review layers of facts and unpack layers of history.


I hope you like my works and let me hear from you!  Best!



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