✏️ Symbols

The future is uncertain and shifting. In painting, abstraction gives us possibilities and uncertainty. And this is how I feel about the place and times which I live in.


Whirling Mass II (2020)
Oil on Canvas 畫布油彩
90 X 120 cm 厘米

Turning concrete into ambiguity, reality into abstract, this approach indicates both refusal and whimsy. “Whirling Mass” was my first attempt to paint in a less pictorial style, no figure, just vines in a symbolic manner. “Whirling Mass II” was credited a bronze award in the “My Best Work of 2020”, Camelback Gallery. The Lead Juror described it a “very soothing and meditative piece” with “undulating movement”. I’m so thrilled!!!!

將具體化作混沌,現實成為抽象,這做法是一種拒絕,同時也是異想。《Whirling Mass》是初步嘗試放棄具象,沒有人物形體,只有象徵性的、簡約成弧線的藤蔓。《Whirling Mass II》獲Camelback Gallery頒發「My Best Work of 2020比賽」銅奬。主席評判形容,作品中有一股波動力量,能撫慰心靈,誘發冥想。這評語確實叫人萬分雀躍!

Foreboding Above (2020) (Tempered Runes Press)
Oil on Canvas 畫布油彩
120 X 60 cm 厘米

My idea has changed during the last year, though the socio-political environment is still the subject matter I work on. I try to produce more ambiguous images, intending to open up a larger space for contemplation.


The Other Shore (2020)
Oil on Canvas 畫布油彩
90 X 120 cm 厘米


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