Hide & Seek

Hide & Seek Art Game.


For more fun and surprises, I tried hiding my art pieces in kubrick, a book shop and cafe in my April exhibition “Hide and Seek Art Game”. Paintings on dining chairs, handmade books, and vase with vines pattern mixed with normal furnishings, all were displayed in a way that you didn’t recognize them as artwork at first glance. This is a metaphor for the current political situation. We are not seeing what really happens around us.

為添一點驚喜,四月展覽首次嘗試將作品「藏」起來。在「捉迷藏品」展覽中,油畫、手造書與花樽等等,都與日常擺設混在一起,當觀賞者走進kubrick書店 / 餐廳時,第一眼往往看不見它們,但明明就擺在面前。這是一個隱喻,說政治無處不在,但真相我們卻視而不見。

With an idea to bring art into daily life, this exhibition is site-specific in a real-life venue. I made several handmade books and hid them in the bookshelves, aiming at creating an internal and organic connection between the venue and art pieces.


Also as a form of art crossing the boundaries between visual art and writing, the books include paintings and narrations. Binded with kettle stitch and a hard cover of cloth and acrylic paints, each book is a unique piece. Positive feedback was received. Participants liked it because it broke the taboo of paintings not to be touched. They liked the way the handmade books were displayed so that they were encouraged to hold them, turn the pages and even feel the strokes with their fingers.



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