Across the Boundaries

Devoted in fiction writing and painting, I wonder if I could do them both at the same time?  Would it be possible to write a picture with words?  How about visualizing a moment in a story with brushes and paints?


With all these queries in mind, I launched an interdisciplinary project: A Dialogue between Text and Images, comprising a series of short stories entitled News at the Other End together with a solo oil paintings exhibition – ‘The Other End’.


My motif was to showcase the tension between Hong Kong and China, reflecting upon how people of Hong Kong feel trapped in the political situation.  The paintings echo the written stories and illustrate my thoughts in visual form while the stories explain my design concept for the paintings, highlighting the bitter-and-sweet emotions of people on the street who attempt to preserve their dignity.  Images of the paintings are arranged as part of the narration in the stories.


No Change for 50 Years

  • News at the Other End. (2010) Hong Kong: Cosmos Books.
  • The Other End, Kwong Kwok Wai’s Oil Paintings Solo Exhibition, 9-22/1/2010 at Cattle Depot Artists Village, and 23/1-5/2/2010 at ACO Book Shop, funded by Hong Kong Arts Development Council.
  • 《新聞在另一端》(2010)香港:天地圖書有限公司。
  • 「另一端.鄺國惠油畫創作展」,9-22/1/2010,牛棚藝術村,23/1-5/2/2010,艺鵠書店,計劃獲藝術發展局資助。


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